Kevin & Twyla T., loan funded 2/11/13
My wife and I were in the market to buy a house and I was talking to a friend of mine. He asked if we were happy with our broker, whom was a friend of our family. I told him that I was very happy with my broker. My friend strongly suggested that I speak to his friend, Dan Stone, who is a Mortgage Fee Coach. So, I called Dan and he explained his service of helping borrowers to save money on their home loans by comparing and negotiating lower rates and fees. Since this was our first time purchasing a home, we decided to get his help.
A few months later, my wife and I made an offer on a house and it was accepted. We were thrilled, but at that point we needed to get a loan very quickly. Our broker gave us a quote on a loan, though it was difficult for us to know whether the quote was competitive and fair, considering we only had this 1 quote. I immediately called Dan. Prior to obtaining our loan, Dan spent several hours explaining and educating me about the loan process. He recommended that I speak to other lenders to obtain quotes and I received quotes from 4 additional lenders. He proceeded to compare the rates and fees on the quotes, including the one from my broker. Dan painted a clear picture, so we understood and could make an informed decision based on our circumstances and differences in all the lenders quotes. He identified a lender who was offering $1,668 lower in fees.
Ultimately, we chose the same friend of our family as our lender, because we already had a long-time relationship and also had a pre-approval through this lender. In the end, Dan suggested how to negotiate $788 lower in closing costs on the loan. Our loan closed and we are enjoying our new home. Thank you Dan! Dan is knowledgeable, experienced, and very passionate about his business. He really wants to help people and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends.
See their recommendation on Yelp and Angie’s List

Michelle R. Loan funded 2/8/13
My father was looking into refinancing his property in Mission Viejo & a rental property we own together thru a lender he found.
While we were meeting, I asked about looking into refinancing my rental property also.
During the refi process, I had been periodically talking to Dan about his business, who gave me a few suggestions. After our approval & before docs were drawn, I mentioned to Dan our rate & fees, who said I could save u money. With my permission, he contacted the lender to discuss the rate & fees. With his help, I negotiated $2,000 lower fees on each loan, saving a total of over $4,000, Wow, what a savings. I’m very thankful for Dan’s help, immediate attention & negotiating skills to help us lower our costs.
Thru a painful process of refinancing now, if I would of known how helpful Dan was going to be I would of used his services early on.
Our loans did close & we are very happy.

Rob and Jacque loan funded 1/14/13
My husband and I were at 5.50% on a 30 year fixed Rate in our home. We knew rates had dropped, so we decided to refinance and called our current lender, Bank of America, which we have a home loan and bank account with. We began the refinance process and over the course of 4 months, the bank kept asking for more and more information as our loan was processed, it finally was approved and all that was left for us to do was sign the final paperwork but at this point the interest rates had dropped even more.
My husband was concerned and thought maybe we could do better on our rate and contacted Dan to ask for his advice. He said a loan should never take over 3 months and the rate being offered was not current market. He suggested we ask our lender to approve the loan immediately at a rate of 3.50%, not 4% originally offered. The bank declined.
Dan suggested we contact one of his trusted lenders, who could give us a no cost 30 year loan at 3.50% and get us closed with-in 45 days. I asked our lender for our application documentation, so I did not have to prepare it again. We contacted Anthony at the new lender, at Dan’s suggestion, he was a really nice guy and was shocked when we showed up with all the loan information prepared. The new loan of 3.5% was approved within the 45 days promised at no cost to us. Dan helped us receive .50% lower in rate and a savings of over $100 a month in payments. Our savings is over $36,000, if we keep the loan for 30 years.
Dan was extremely helpful always willing to take our calls and field our questions he saved us a lot of money. I can’t say enough good things about our experience, we highly recommend him.
Sincerely, Rob & Jacqueline V.

Dan C. Loan funded 11/28/12
I would really like to thank Dan for his expert assistance he provided during our re-finance process. Not only did he assist in navigating the complicated areas of the mortgage terms and ideas, he educated me to more fully understanding the process. He provided the confidence in the situation to get the process started and move through four offers from four companies. His lender suggestion, provided great service, twice as good as when I refinanced with Chase years ago. The rate and fee comparison was a great illustration, black and white, and showed the best lender. In the end he enabled me to make the right decision with the company that provided the best rate with the lowest closing cost.

Shari S. Loan funded 5/29/12
Mortgage Fee Coach made the refinancing process very easy. I had already been talking to a lender, but Dan introduced me to another lender who he has worked with over the years. He took the time to not only compare the two lenders and what they were charging, but also to explain all the fees to me and point out which ones were negotiable . He helped me save approximately $750 in fees and the lender was incredibly easy to work with. I knew if I had any questions about the process, I could contact Dan at any time. Both Dan and the lender made it a stress-free experience.

Hunter S. Loan funded August 2010
My previous rate was 5.625% over 30 years and was established in February 2008. In July of 2010 I was looking to refi to a lower rate and was quoted 4.875% @ 1pt fee on an approximate loan amount of $303,420. After reviewing rates and such with Dan, he helped me negotiate a rate of 4.625% at 1/4 point fee on the same approximate loan amount. Thus, the savings were in points as well as in the overall interest rate on the loan and the monthly payment was obviously lower. The 1 pt would have cost $3,034.20, whereas the 1/4 pt was $758.55. Thus, a savings of $2,275.65. I believe the monthly mortgage would have been approximately $1598 at 4.875% and ultimatel


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