Dan Stone has had 24 very successful and rewarding years in the mortgage business, working for 6 different mortgage companies and banks. His career began at Commercial Center Bank, creating ways to increase profits with zero expense to the clients or borrowers.  Most recently, he worked for Kondaur Capital Corporation, soliciting banks and mortgage companies to sell their non-performing loans to Kondaur, so they could help the financial markets resolve their delinquent loan backlog.  However, this job was not meeting his needs to help people with their goals of home ownership.

He has worked for six different mortgage companies and banks during the last 24 years, watching banks take advantage of borrowers, overcharging by $1,000’s of dollars.  There is a time to pay for service and a time to save your money.  Too often this transaction costs far more than it should, based on the time the loan officers put into it.  It is with this in mind that he started this business helping borrowers save money and have peace of mind during this challenging transaction.


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